Auto Bucket Conveyer Packaging MachineApproximate product



1、Suitable for packaging various kinds of granule and good fluidity powder,such as electuary,aginomoto,peanuts,melon seeds,broad beans,beans,seeds and popcorn etc
2、Suitable for packaging various kinds of irregular shape products like candied fruit、candies、biscuit、small toys、Red date、puffed food  ect.

1、Compact structure & stable performance- convenient to maintaining;
2、The parts in contact with material are all made of stainless steel in conformity with sanitary requirement.
3、LCD present in English and Chinese- friendly to control;
4、Accurate step motor-precise every bag’s position;
5、Human Machine Interaction- clear to show the fault;
6、Can be equipped with coding machine、easy to tear mouth、punching、numerical control cutting、exhaust device and gas-flushing device according to your request.


Technical Parameters: